Thursday, March 1, 2012

Breezer Uptown LS

Photo credit: Breezer website

This bike captured my fancy after a favorable review in Bicycling magazine (April 2012 issue). The classic two-toned color with matching fenders is attractive and a bit retro. 7-speeds, wide 26" tires, a stable rack, bell, curvy handlebars, and chain guard. All this for $500—what a deal! It's good to see that some manufacturers are thinking along the same lines: offer an affordable commuter bike with the same advantages as the 80s mountain bikes. With the dependable Breezer name,  I believe it offers a good solution for those seeking a wider wheeled all-in-one transportation bike.

Just the thing to replace my Ross. Though I enjoy the thrill of the hunt combing Craig's List or at garage sales, I am intrigued by the Breezer Uptown. While I hadn't intended to purchase a new bike (especially with my upcoming trip) the price is worth considering.

Or maybe I should stop swooning and enter Bicycling's Bike Give Away, conveniently offered in the same issue.


  1. I do like the way that they come completely equipped and ready-to-commute. Also the encased chain case looks sweet. Low to none chain maintenance sounds like a happy dream to me, living in the Land of Abrasive Dust.

  2. Oh, I like it! It has a great look and utility. You may have just found what you are looking for!


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