Thursday, February 23, 2012

Girly Bike Touring

There's something about growing older that lends poise to youthful competition and conformity. No longer do I wear tight jeans, starve myself to look thin (to fit in those jeans), or care about what other people think. Along with this is the appreciation for the health of my parents, my children, and the gratitude I feel every day for my husband and close friends. So yes, literally, I can finally relax, let my hair down - not caring that it's turning grey. Frankly, it's liberating.

As I age I no longer count the miles on long tours. That's a good thing. And, I've always been on the slow side of average, often bringing up the rear on organized rides. So why not embrace it?

Along this same vein, I have an urge to tour with female companions. Load up the weighty Ross (because I've never toured with her), meet others, and preferably ride an urban rail trail or else this 40 lb. bike might not make it, or rather the woman riding the beast. I envision my partner(s) as new to touring—it's the perfect venue for initiates. Flat. I find comfort with women companions, especially ones that enjoy photo ops, garage sales (at least to browse), moving slowly, sharing dreams, coffee shops, and laughter. A girly bike tour on girly bikes.

My only quandary is who to go with. I have a few pedaling buddies, but most require the comfort of a bed or get bogged down with the equipment or fret on the weather. Heck, I know that often a duffle bag will do. I am also the bungee cord queen. I can fasten anything to a rack. I have panniers to loan and a plethora of tents, ground pads, and sleeping bags—thanks to past adventures and a penchant for collecting outdoor gear. No excuses, ladies!

Any free-spirited women who are game for a slow-rolling party on wheels?


  1. Tour de garage sale is such a good idea. Most residences don't handle the early-morning influx of cars and traffic which attend a pre-advertised garage sale. Tempers flare before they even get in the driveway. On bikes, a group of women, well supplied with bungees and duffles, ride up, and everyone feels the weight of the morning lift.

  2. I'd be there in a second if I lived closer. Gonna do a trip in April with some ladies here. Great post.


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