Friday, February 24, 2012

Cycling for Nerf Darts

I have to laugh at the errands I accomplish while I'm out pedaling. This particular Monday morning my goal was to purchase Nerf Darts for my son. He needed a special type as a gift to his friend whose birthday was that very day. "The hard tip ones", my boy said, "not the suction cup or the black ones." What? Well, wouldn't you know I found just what he described at Kmart, an easy 3 mile ride from home.

I wait until noon before I venture out to take advantage of the warmest part of the day. And since it was lunchtime I also bought my favorite pretzels for mobile munching.

My bike wasn't the only one locked up outside Kmart on a sunshiny February day. There were all these others, confused at the lack of snow. I guess they too wanted to breathe the fresh air. If Kmart can't sell snow shovels (on sale at the entrance) then bikes are the next best thing.

Now a good mom will bring along wrapping supplies to package the gift. An organized mom would've remembered to buy the gift ahead of time, but often mothers are as forgetful as their children.

At least she had time to get it done plus ride a bike, swim laps at the YMCA, and pick up her child at school. All just in time to hand off the gift. Phew!

What is the oddest thing you've set out to get by bike?


  1. For me, I think it is pet food. Not that that's unusual, but when I got to the petco, they were having a sale on the large bags of food (like the 50# bags) and not on the smaller bags. I wasn't really counting on this, on my bike. Luckily though, I have a folding bike so I wound up taking everything home w/ me on the in one hand, enormous bag of kibble on my other shoulder.

    1. That's a good one! I can't imagine hefting 50 lbs. on my shoulder...ouch. But how can you pass up a good deal on dog food?

  2. A bale of lucerne hay for an organic veggie plot at my last house (trailer required). The horse supply salesperson obviously thought I was a little 'touched'.

  3. Raspberry bushes. A co-worker offered me some of her raspberry bushes. So I rode my Xtracycle over to her house. Then rode home with a couple buckets of raspberry bushes. I wrote a post on it back in July of 2007 when it happened. Since then I've hauled just about anything and everything on the Xtracycle.


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