Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blazing Autumn Colors

In only two days the trees dramatically changed, leaving me scrambling to take photos on my evening commute.

Below is a corridor of young maples along the driveway.

The neighbor's home and behind - behold the not-so-Green Mountains.


 It was only last week that I worried whether the trees would change at all...

The hues are vivid splashes against verdant grass and fields.

A golden canopy.

What an amazing commute home!

And parting shot - a full moon rising.

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  1. As much as I love trees, and especially in their autumn coat, I LOVE your last photo! Those blues and the mood is fantastic. As an fyi, the Rantwick blog (see sidebar on my blog) holds an annual photo contest of the "best" Autumn coloured tree. This is the 2nd year for it, so this year the contest is SARATS, Second Annual Rantwick Autumn Tree Search. You should send in a photo - go to his blog for details. I was a shared winner last year, but this year I doubt I'll have a chance!


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