Monday, October 10, 2011

Lou's Crossing

I was on my way to Williston and decided to check out a new section of path called Lou's Crossing. Lou Bresee is an acquaintance from past VerMontreal trips. He is a friendly, talkative guy - always ready to regale you with a story.  Lou is a rare sort, in his retirement, pedaling long distances, extremely strong for his age. Let's say that I could never ride with him, but rather would talk him up at the end of each day. He is also a dedicated volunteer for Local Motion and Lake Champlain Bikeways. What I didn't know was that Lou had been working as an extraordinary volunteer on the South Burlington Recreation Path Committee. He wrote a grant to secure federal money to design and create this link through wetlands.

Plaque dedicated to Lou and his accomplishments for the city of South Burlington.
He oversaw the design phase all the way through construction, resulting in this beautiful right of way, complete with long wooden bridge. There is something very soothing and contemplative about pedaling over the planks among cattails and songbirds - and this time of year - listening to the honking of Canadian geese.

I raise a glass of wine to you, Lou. Bravo!

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