Wednesday, June 8, 2011

VerMontreal - Day 2

The day dawned brightly - maybe too early for some of us - but  with the promise of a tailwind to lift our spirits as we now were turning east towards Montreal.

Our bicycles displayed license plates to help with learning each others names. I also customized my pannier with a red sunflower.

Morning meeting was held on the front lawn of the college. Pack the trailer with luggage and we're ready to roll.

Pedaling along the canals and over spillways makes for pleasant riding. I was by myself for a few miles.

Approaching Les Cedres. We had to leave the waterway for a stretch to bypass bike path construction.

Oh happy day! Lunch at a wonderful Italian restaurant. I had yummy Chicken Marsala with zucchini and a crusty covered mashed potato ball. Service was very slow, but in the end we were well hydrated - I drank five glasses of ice water.

A beautiful bike path in Dorval along the Saint Lawrence River. I loved the golden leaves and the angular branches.

I was usually pulling up the rear, but somehow caught up with more of our group.

The Lachine Canal is one of my favorite paths in all of Montreal. It has a variety of sculptures,the path swings on each side of the water, has several bridges, a bike mechanic station, and is right next to Atwater Market which if you ask me, has the best bakery for variety of deli foods, pastries, and delectable bread. I bring plastic bags and stuff three loaves of olive bread in my panniers.

I loved pedaling with Lindy. Besides sporting a beautiful 1981 Mixte, Lindy has the power to enchant me with her wonderful sense of humor, her spry attitude, and powerful stamina. I pedal only a bit faster than she does. She is one amazing woman, especially considering that Lindy is 86 years old. She crossed the country by bike only three years ago. What an inspiration!

C'est moi.

After relaxing at a downtown Montreal hotel for a couple hours, many of us attended the Tour la Nuit. We deck out our bikes with lights, cue up at the starting area, and pedal a 12 mile circuit of the city with 10,000 others. It is a rolling party of hoots and hollers, lots of families, and any and all kinds of lighted bikes. I loved the descents through the tunnels where everyone is yelling.
Our group in the cue for the Tour la Nuit
A video from last year's event.

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