Monday, June 6, 2011

VerMontreal - Day 1

Oh baby, what a weekend! From unforgiving headwinds the first day, to the next three days of absolute perfect weather, our 4-day tour was full of wonderful memories.

Thursday's miles were some of the toughest riding I've ever done. 30 mph indirect headwinds (that only increased as the day wore on) were stacked up against the fact that it was impossible to draft one another for support. I rode sweep for the entire day until about 5pm when the ladies I accompanied eventually called it quits (thank you Carolyn and Cindy - 60 miles was plenty). In the sag wagon we joined with Beth who said the wind "broke her spirit".

The route wound through farmland and along rivers of northern New York and into Canada.The terrain was virtually flat. Peonies and wild iris were in bloom. Buttercups speckled the roadsides, bent over in the wind. Broken tree boughs and branches were scattered everywhere.

Ferry from Vermont to New York. Check out the waves and our wild hair!

I rode with this couple the first part of day one. They are tourers much like myself who normally love to bike camp. They refused the sag wagon and arrived at 8pm right at the hotel where we had dinner, completely exhausted. She broke her toeclip en route. They are amazingly self sufficient and I have tremendous respect for their abilities and perseverance.

The first night in Canada we bunked in dorms at the college in Salaberry de Valleyfield. I loved the hot showers and hostel-type living.

We all ate well at a hotel, complete with cocktails and hors d'Ĺ“uvres beforehand at a quaint artsy restaurant near the college. I know we all slept well that night.


  1. To cool! Looks like a lot of fun to getting out and riding with a group. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Enjoyed much!

  2. Day one sounds like it was an adventure. Sixty miles is nothing to balk at in my book. Congrats to all!


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