Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scouting for VerMontreal Bike Trip

Saturday was a long day of adventurous travel in the van and on a bicycle. I met new friends and got to know some old ones even better.

Local Motion organizes 3 and 4 day tours from Vermont to Montreal which take place in early June. All rides converge in Montreal at the same hotel in time for Sunday's Tour de L'ile, a  30 mile loop around the island which attracts upwards of 20,000 people.

A renovated train station in Mooers, now a museum, northern New York
Since our purpose was to review the new 4 day route, we drove the first day's mileage, checking the cue sheets. Some of us were new to this course so we provided a fresh look and helpful feedback.

A preview of the route alerts the organizers to road washouts, streets under repair, and this bridge reconstruction, all of which cropped up in the past two weeks. They will revise the map and directions.

Northwest of Salaberry de Valleyfield
After a stop at the accommodations for the first night, we got on our bikes to ride part of the second day's route of lovely bike paths along the canals. The sun lifted spirits and lilacs perfumed the air.

The Route Verte system of bike trails is a myriad of off road bike paths, on-road separated lanes, and rides through low trafficked neighborhoods. Our day's ride showcased all of these plus one dangerous intersection. At that point we split into two groups: some went ahead while two riders explored a safer alternative and eventually caught up with the lead riders.

Entering Point-Claire, Montreal. The corkscrew bike path.
We whooped it up on the descending corkscrew bike path to street level. This is the second such circular trail that I've ridden in Montreal. In past years, the one in Longueuil that spans eight railroad tracks has always been a big hit.

I was delighted to attend the preview of this 4 day bike adventure. In two weeks I will be riding sweep, advising with directions, performing minor repairs, and providing lots of encouragement. Let's hope the weather is wonderful.

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  1. Sounds like this would be a fun tour. Will have to keep this in mind for the "someday" calendar. I've stayed in Montreal a gazillion times, but never on bicycle. I love the color of that old train station; you all stand out nicely against it.


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