Monday, May 23, 2011

Blowing in the Wind

60 F, sunny, very windy

On Monday morning the winds gusted to 30 mph as I pedaled north along the shoreline. I admit to a fascination with weather. I love storms, big waves, and especially thunder and lightening. Today, the cherry blossoms and dust swirled in front of my tires.

Our beautiful waterfront path has become a liability this year as we continue to watch - somewhat horrified - it's slow and steady destruction during a month of ongoing flood waters. And now the winds have come...

The fishing pier is battered by the waves. I love this area and the fact that the pier is handicapped accessible. In the summer I often see many people with a pole in the water, young and old. It's a good place to strike up a conversation.

The pier is sandbagged against further flooding,
but water and debris washes over the concrete.
I was prompted to pedal further to check out a section of the waterfront path that an acquaintance described as "collapsed". Fortunately, that particular cemented area was fine - it's constructed on supports because it passes through a wetland. I turned around and went south, bypassing the low section that is still under water. I came upon this scene.

Barge canal
Driftwood battered the shore. A couple of tall trees, waterlogged for too long, had fallen into the lake and were bobbing in the waves. Besides the Causeway, this area of the bike path bears the brunt of weather. I like pedaling here in the heat of summer. With the right mix of wind, the water sprays a refreshing shower.

The crashing waves are undermining the asphalt. I went to the top of the bridge for a glimpse ahead. Fortunately there were no more orange cones so I turned around. But the path ahead is still dangerously exposed to whatever mother nature has in store. I worry about its future.

Note the low lying bike path beyond the bridge.

By midsummer there is normally a sandy beach that attracts picnickers. Gulls hang out on the sand bars. Beside the path, train engines shift back and forth to redistribute cars, always an attraction to children and the young at heart.

Soon we ( I hope) can begin the immense cleanup. The Vermont City Marathon begins in one week. Thousands run this section of the bike path and the course will be rerouted. I'm sure the officials are closely monitoring the lake.

In the meantime, get out and pedal, take advantage of this beautiful sunshine. Tulips are giving way to cherry blossoms. Spring peepers trill at night. And life begins anew.

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