Friday, May 27, 2011

Commuting to Work Redux

70 F, 20 mph headwind

Since my commute to work is varied, I wanted to point out more interesting features.
Mile 2
From home I pedal down the hill towards the lake and drop off a son at school. On the way back up that steep hill (too difficult for 8 am) I eventually get on a nice pathway by the university. There is major construction (to the right) to accommodate more students on campus.

Mile 2.5, South Burlington
The pathway continues for another mile beside a public golf course. It's a pleasant downhill grade.

Mile 2.5
I reconnect with a road heading south and go up another steep climb...

Mile 3
and pass through a nice neighborhood. I always glimpse eastward for a lovely view of the lake before heading in the opposite direction.

Mile 3
I like this connector to the next southern road. It's a spacious neighborhood linkage, complete with a pedestrian path, but I never use it, preferring to cruise faster. I wave to walkers as I pass by.

Mile 4
I sometimes stop at the old cider mill on the left.  As a child I would stop with my dad and sample the brew from conical paper cups while watching the wooden presses squeeze the apple mush. The building is now a deli and convenience store.

Mile 6, Shelburne
The road is a straight shot and fairly flat for the next 4 miles. I pass two farms, a small vineyard with 5 large solar panels, a massage place, and a bed & breakfast and numerous houses. Most driveways are long gravel entries. Traffic can be heavy at times, but fortunately in the opposite direction. There is a distinct quietness in the summertime - parents are no longer driving their children to school.

Ahh, plenty warm enough  today for bare legs and feet.

Mile 8
This rise by the horse farm is a killer hill. I always classify these as Vermont hills - steeper as they crest, much like a ski jump. I stand and pump up this one.

A man has been living in this camper on the property of an abandoned maple sugar shack. Very recently a "Hooters" sign was erected. I guess the occupant has a sense of humor.

Mile 9
He also tends to this fake bear. Sometimes its head is in a garbage pail. Sometimes it forages on the lawn.

Mile 10
I turn onto the dirt road for the last mile to my workplace. Angus beef cattle are being raised in a wetland. The whole pen is a dirty mess. I often observe the cows standing hoof deep in mud or huddle around and on  the bales of hay.
A bull took an interest in my camera. He was snorting at me, probably protecting his harem. I backed away.

Mile 10.5
The long driveway is surrounded by newly planted maples.

Mile 11
I have the best parking spot in this garage, complete with a rug.

Once in a while my husband gets to ride with me home from work. He dislikes the volume of traffic because his commute is much quieter. It's all relative. 

What is your commute like?


  1. Nice ride, looks like a lot of fun. 3rd pic down of the steep hill in the back ground scares me lol but I love the Hooters sign on the wooden shack and the bear. To cool!

  2. Yes, my commute is quite varied. Keep up your riding, Wayne.

  3. Love the photo of the MIyata with your foot in the cage.

  4. It's such fun to see other peoples rides. Thanks so much for sharing that one.


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