Sunday, May 29, 2011

Crazy for Mixtes

The Trek Bellevile, photo used from bike hugger
I'm not sure where this came from, this lust for Mixtes. I saw two today out on our city streets: one was a white 10-speed Bianchi, another was one on someone's porch (sigh), unfortunately too far away for me to get a good look. There's something about that long sloping split top tube that extends all the way to the rear axle. It adds that bit of uniqueness, that extra strength, and it's increasingly the upright style of bike that I've been gravitating to these past couple years. The mixte is gorgeous.

Some Mixtes I love:
The Betty Foy
Let's go Ride a Bike has a nice video of her Betty
The Linus Mixte 3
Simply Bike's Peugeot
and Lovely Bicycle's Royal H. Mixte (scroll to 4th bike)

A Mixte blog:
The Mixte Gallery

And before I (or you also) get too crazed by buying the first old Mixte I (or you) see at a garage sale, there are some worthwhile factors to consider as presented by Lovely Bicycle.

I'm trying to reign in my excitement - though it's difficult - and I definitely do NOT need another bike, but it's sure fun to look!

What's your favorite Mixte?


  1. Not to temp you too terribly, but we have a fun old mixte in our garage that needs a new home. It has the split top tube and is a fun shade of orange, but it also needs A LOT of work. If you're interested, we should talk...

  2. Yes, that's why I visit the Mixte Gallery often. To get in my Mixte fix. The frames are so lovely.


    Somehow mixtes became the theme for my 2009-2010 bike projects...

  4. I like Martin's #4 Mixte. It retains the multi-speed drive train. Thank you, Martin.

  5. Mixte 2 has 10 speeds, too - just lower gears...


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