Thursday, March 31, 2011

Green Pedals

Okay, so I didn't need to buy new pedals for my girly bike. I was browsing eBay, looking for a front bike rack when these green pedals spoke to me. They were beautifully green, lightweight, and NOT plastic, which is what I had been riding on...the price didn't hurt either - 5.00! So here they are without the toe clips, so you can see why I was smitten.

They match the green on the handlebars and the Ross logo.

(More on the bell in a later post.)

I'd be lost without toeclips. Since the pedals are one-sided (they are a bit convex on the reverse side) it's easier to flip the pedal backward using the spike on a metal pedal, then slide your foot into the clip/strap setup. While you can do it, I always encounter difficulty slipping my feet into the clips on plastic pedals. It's not a smooth transition and I was delighted to get rid of those tacky plastic things.

The new pedals add a subtle style to the bike - maybe only noticeable to me - but were well worth my time and investment.

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