Monday, March 28, 2011

What Goes Around, Comes Around

It's wonderful to see the resurgence of old and classic bikes being used today. From cobwebbed Schwinns to the reliable and beautiful olive green Raleigh Grand Prix, older bicycles are making a comeback (We have one of those Raleighs in our family). Steel frames morphing into mixtes, single speeds, and spruced up with fenders and racks for commuting. I guess there is room for the carbon fibers of this world and for the retro too. Maybe this cartoon says it all...

Photo credit: Mark Markovitch, Bike Portland
My mother-in-law's 1970s Schwinn Suburban 5 speed is tucked away in a shed, gathering dust, and ridden only once a year. It's brown with matching fenders with a spring seat. I'm keeping my eye on that one... (like I need another bike!).
Raleigh Grand Prix

Schwinn Suburban

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