Saturday, March 26, 2011

Snow Sculptures

30* F, sunny, brisk northwest wind

The sound of honking geese filled the air as I pedaled southward along the waterfront. I muscled through hard-crusted snow covered areas, and had to push the bike when I lost my balance or the going got too tricky, but the sunshine made up for any inconvenience.

The time clock looked especially stark against the blocky ice on Lake Champlain.

I looped back home on the South Burlington bike path to photograph the unique snow formations. Because it was several days before the plows cleared the two feet of snow from the last storm, the pathway was lined with packed bocks of chunky snow. As the days warmed and the walls melted, we were left with some random and unusual sculptures.

I thought this one looked like a dolphin's head.
A snowy Stonehenge.
Not sure what this one is, but it's precarious. It may not last another day.

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  1. It sure look something and I think it can be a good start into becoming a great work of art.


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