Monday, March 14, 2011

Citrasolv for Grease Disolve

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I can't stand a dirty bike. I've become more fastidious with my bicycles than I used to because, invariably, I hoist bikes on and off our car racks more times than I care to admit (think rearranging 3 bikes because of children's and adult frame differences). It helps to keep your hands grease-free if you are then piling the kids and stuff into the car.

My husband supplied me with Pedros degreaser until I discovered a cheaper (half the cost) alternative and readily available supply of Citrasolv, an awesome orange smelling natural product. It works wonders on rims and spokes and that grime that collects on our gas stove. You won't have to wait for the bike shop to open either; this product is available at the grocery store.

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