Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gotta Love this Biking(?) Weather

I find it quite humorous that last year I started bike commuting to work on March 9th. Today I stayed home because I can't safely drive to work. The two foot dump of snow last Monday turned my employer's dirt driveway and access road (1 mile in length) into a god-awful bowling alley of a lane that one could ricochet off if you weren't careful. Mind you, top that off with warming temperatures and rain forecast for later today and tomorrow (the road is currently flooding) - and no where for the water to run...I guess I''ll be home for a while.

The top five snowstorms on record in Burlington:

33.1 inches, Jan. 2-3, 2010

29.8 inches, Dec. 25-28, 1969

25.7 inches, Feb. 14-15, 2007

24.7 inches, Jan. 13-14, 1934.

25.3 inches. March 6-7, 2011

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