Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring is Here

It's a great day for a smile.

Despite some remaining snowbanks the birds are chirping, and the glorious sun is shining - it must be 50+ degrees this morning. I went on a short pedal around downtown, dodging pothole craters and puddles. The drivers seemed in a sunny mood too as they waited for me to maneuver around obstacles before safely passing. A bit of patience on their part goes a long way - they may be getting used to more cyclists on the road.

For me it's still a stilted time to ride. I long for when Burlington's waterfront rail trail is clear of snow and ice - it may be mid April this year. I like to pedal and think, clear my mind, and only look out for the oncoming cyclist which a dedicated trail provides. For now I am content to be able to be on a bike and look forward to riding to work soon.

It's a great day for a skirt.

You know Spring has arrived when a neighbor and I amble around our yards and look for bulbs peeking through the soil or monitor their progress. After the ride this morning I enjoyed a few minutes more of warmth and stepped around our remaining front yard snow banks. Our children's sled is emerging and spring bulbs are coming into view. I witnessed two chipmunks chasing each other and disappear under a gap in our garage door (?).

It's great day to be on a bike.

It's a great day to be a flower.

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