Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Bag for Sally

This bag for my sister-in-law should look stylish and swell on a girly bike that I will be fixing up for her this winter and spring. (Sally is my "selection" this year for a gift on my husband's side of the family and I couldn't locate the right type of bike before Christmas). I placed a simple bike lock inside the bag and will make a tag to attach to the handle, promising a cool bicycle for spring.

Straps are stylish and long, but should
 not get in the way of the handlebar.

I rescued the strongly woven and satin lined bag from a second hand store for a $1.00. The braided handles are leather. The front is decorated in leather strings with beads. The rim is trimmed in black suede. It was tough, but I managed to sew button holes through the rattan material. At a dollar store I  purchased two leather dog collars, trimmed each to the desired length, removed the extra metal loop for dog leash, and re-riveted the buckle. I now own a leather punch and rivet set for future bag enhancement.

Ssshhhh...don't tell her about the bike or the bag!

Detail of the strap.
Back of bag has shell decoration.

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