Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas

Over a blue bottle of special yummy German Riesling, and our favorite Thai food, my Girls' Night Out friends and I happily swapped holiday gifts. Cathy, Patty and I meet every month, despite our busy lives and try to close the restaurant (that's not hard to do with such good company). I especially liked the bicycle earrings made for me by Patty's neighbor, Sally Lewis. I'm impressed at how lightweight the pair of earrings is, considering all the wire it must have taken to spoke the wheels. They sparkle and shine, are strong and intricate, and I adore them!

The decal is a gift from another old friend, coincidentally named Patty, who knows how much cycling means to me (and chocolate too). Her love and friendship all the way from Oregon spans many miles and 30+ years.

I feel wonderfully fulfilled to have this many close girlfriends in my life. Y'all make me smile.

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