Friday, January 13, 2023

Ideas for 2023

2023 should hold more opportunities for travel, this time with my husband. In his retirement, he has the time to plan our adventures plus fulfill his own wanderlust.

  • I'm a creative soul. Come winter I design and create something, often inspired by a cycling need. 2023's project is a large, lightweight tote bag to hold my Dahon Boardwalk. I want a bag primarily for train journeys, with the ability fold/roll it when done, stowing it, perhaps, behind the seatpost. I've heard the inexpensive IKEA Dimpa bags work well, but question their longevity. I'd rather come up with a customized design.
  • Finish equipping the Bassi Rachel for touring. My new step through queen needs fenders and a front rack. Ultimately, I want the Jack the Bike Rack - initially a Kickstarter project - soon to be available to the public. This rack would provide versatility and ideally I want to avoid a permanent front rack. For a temporary setup though, I could likely fit an older Blackburn lowrider or purchase another simple but effective Sunlite small rack. I have a few options at the very least to distribute weight on Miss Rachel for springtime tours.
  • Touring ideas include a loop connecting the Cross Vermont Trail and soon to be complete Lamoille Valley Rail Trail, doable from home! It's an opportunity to ride dirt roads, pavement, and a gravel railbed, crossing the width of Vermont twice. We can see this loop becoming popular in the years to come. Also on the agenda is touring the Erie Canal Trail, hopefully early enough to avoid crowds, and later in the year, attending the Philly Bike Expo via Amtrak and my Dahon Boardwalk.


  1. I like your idea for a lightweight tote bag for a folding bike. I used a Dimpa on my Brompton, and while it fits, it pretty much ripped when I used it for a flight.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with the Dimpa.


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