Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Coffeeneuring 2022 - Seventh Cup at North Beach

North Beach is one of my favorite Burlington beaches.

Expansive lake views with a pavilion, bathhouse, and picnic tables.

Sunset at 4:25 pm, ugh.

Looping back along the 127 path. A gust of wind toppled my brand new Rachel. At least now that's behind me!

Making map corrections because I started Strava a bit late.

Loop Rides

The final coffeeneuring was in 60F warmth, though intense west winds hampered a beachside brew up, part of a impending cold front, shifting to more seasonable autumn going forward. I heated water on the leeward side of the North Beach pavilion, happy to have mastered my new stove after several coffeeneuring outings. After sipping my tea, I continued to ride one last unique loop, forgetting to start the Strava app until mile 5.

The Place: North Beach
Date: Saturday, November 12
Drink: Black Tea with milk & sugar
Observation: Very windy, a cold front is moving into our region
Total Miles: 14

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