Monday, May 23, 2022

Two Favorite Saddles: Zefal and Nashbar FC1

Women's Zefal and Nashbar FC1
Zefal women's saddle and Nashbar's FC1.
In my quest to purge bicycles, I've been shifting around saddles lately, keeping my favorites. I've been partial to the Zefal, pictured on the left, and Nashbar's FC1. Neither are expensive saddles but are perfect for more upright riding, and sadly are no longer available.

Nashbar FC1
What I find interesting is how similar both saddles are in shape and weight, yet vary widely in fabrication. Both have a wide cutout area, that suits me fine, and in fact cradles my body - best way to put it! They have similar drop noses and are not chunky looking. Both are women's wider version with synthetic covers: Nashbar has one type of covering overall while the Zefal is partly constructed with lycra-type material on top for comfort and with smoother, abrasion-resistant grey material for a two-toned look.

Women's Zefal saddle
Don't touch my Zefal!

The thing is, while I work for Terry Cycling - and use a couple of their models - not one of their saddles comes even close to these dimensions! As I learn more about saddles, I realize how lucky I am to have found these two gems that should suit me for years to come.


  1. I completely understand! I hope these two saddles keep going for you as long as you need them! After many months of not being able to ride my Koga due to saddle and seat post problems (I'd actually advertised the bike for sale due to these problems, but got no takers) I have finally got it comfortable again with a shim, a new seat post and my preferred Brooks B67 back on it. Now I'm enjoying riding it again.

    1. Lizzie, I'm happy you got your saddle problems sorted out and can ride again.

    2. I've still been riding - but not on the Koga, just the Trek.

  2. I think I just left an anonymous comment about my Koga - I didn't mean it to be anonymous!

  3. These look comfortable and appear similar to a style of Serfas saddle we both like and have had a few of over the years.

  4. Nice post thank you Katie


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