Sunday, October 31, 2021

Coffeeneuring 2021 - Second Cup at the Local Overlook

Guard dog and stellar leaves continue to make me smile during coffeeneuring.

A clear day provides views across Lake Champlin to the northern Adirondacks.

Art for art's sake

Taking advantage of weekend sunshine, I set out on my mountain bike and headed to nearby trails that lead to a special promontory, a place I visited also in 2021. A clear view, the clouds nearly kissing the distant Adirondacks, I noticed the color has not quite peaked in our region. I hung out for 20 minutes, investigating the spotty lichen covering the rock, then descended down a different route and pedaled home. I was looking forward to a bike date with my husband!

The Place: Colchester Overlook
Date: Saturday, October 23
Drink: Ginger Lemon Tea
Observation: The autumn color wasn't as pronounced as I had expected.
Total Miles: 5

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