Monday, September 21, 2020

Dimension Arc Bar - A Curvy Option for a Commuter Bike

Dimension Arc Bar
Above, first image: the Dimension Arc Bar has added stylish curves and a more comfortable hand position to my
commuter bike, compared with old style mountain bike riser bars (second image).

As I age I realize a once comfortable handlebar is no longer, um, comfortable. A more neutral wrist position is required. Thankfully, they're endless options in the marketplace to fit a growing number of bicycle styles, and indeed trying to choose the perfect bar can be a daunting task. It can also become an expensive search, if the right style takes several tries. However, by asking readers, researching online, and using, zeroing in on the best bar is an easier task. 

In my case, I needed a change - but not necessarily a perfect replacement - because commuter miles are limited, say up to 20 miles per day. Any handlebar with more curves would do the trick.

Enter the Dimension Arc Bar. A reader suggested this option, it's aluminum, in correct stem clamp and width. I'd always admired this style and it was the perfect opportunity to add more comfort to daily rides.

I'm continually fascinated how changing handlebars, a seat, or tires can drastically alter how a bicycle feels and performs.


  1. Those are some wonderfully graceful bars, Annie! They look a bit like Bullmoose bars without the built in stem. Please do keep us up to date on how they work out for you. Inquiring minds want to know!

    1. Josh, I've used the bars almost daily for two months. They're working out well enough;I don't plan to go back to the other bars.

    2. Looks like my new handlebar has wings, eh?


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