Saturday, May 30, 2020

Ride to Visit Little Free Libraries

In early May, seeking another motivational ride challenge, I visited registered Little Free Library boxes in Burlington, VT. The map displayed 16 locations. I found 12; 3 were missing; and one I could not visit one because of it's location inside a closed university building. During these strange times, many sites are offering cleaning wipes (with little trash cans for waste), puzzles, food items, stands offering local newsprint editions of Seven Days, bee polinator plants adorned one lawn complete with educational material, and another place even cataloged clothing for those in need (see yellow boxes in next photo). Each box was uniquely designed, the only commonality was their official labeling as a Little Free Library. I restrained myself to carrying home two books.

What became clear, after stumbling onto other non-official sites since my quest, is that there's an equal variety of undocumented sites with their own flair that are bright spots in our community. 

Little Miss Sunshine library is also a community resource for clothing and food.


  1. Yes, very cool, I've done the same thing here in Salem, Oregon. Thank goodness for these little libraries. Reading material while the city's library remains closed during the pandemic!

  2. I like the idea of your motivational ride challenges. I should probably do the same. In addition to the little free libraries here we also have Paxton's Blessing Boxes which are little food pantries.


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