Thursday, September 3, 2020

Burlington Parks Challenge

Potvin Park

On the heels of completing Burlington's Little Free Libraries quest, I vowed to visit all 31 designated Burlington city parks. Nothing like a prepared list to follow! The adventure sparked interest in our family: my son and his girlfriend are nearing completion. My husband also wanted to join so we began our own quest together, took a breather in June-July while we moved, and finished in late August.

Our first day, I took the opportunity to also test recently installed albatross handle bars on my Clementine (keepers!). We visited 10 parks. Highlights included tiny Potvin Park with it's local art and colorful Adirondack chair, Quarry Natural Area with very vocal frogs, and Crescent Woods, a ravine type park - never knew this park existed!

Crescent Woods

Quarry Natural Area.

Quarry Natural Area frogs.

For a while, because I had the inclination to keep moving, I visited a few parks on my own. Thankfully, my husband found renewed interest in early August, as we rode together, revisiting places I had soloed. I was delighted to be pedaling together again, carrying on meaningful conversation that only cycling or outdoor exercise lends itself to.

Recently renovated Roundhouse Park.

Ledge Road Overlook, an odd underused space tucked between neighborhoods. I can't locate any historical info online.

Our last day was comprised of strategic planning to finish visiting the last 7 of 31 total city parks. From lake shore to hillside visits, to river bottom land, I was pretty tired later when we arrived home at dusk. Of special note, Ledge Road Overlook Park appeared to be an old homestead with remaining standing fireplace. A tucked away plot - maybe donated to the city once upon a time - but I cannot locate any information online. 

Now that this challenge is behind me, my husband asked me what my next goal is. Would I now ride to all Cochester's parks? Truth is, it seems I'm content with this limbo we've found ourselves in for the foreseeable future. Stasis in any other time could be a recipe for unhappiness -  I used to scheme vacations a year ahead. Now it feels okay to live in the present: I'm looking forward to a upcoming in-state adventure with my husband, to creating another bicycle bag, to refurbishing some furniture for our new home, all the while slowly looking for a new work position. And, before we know it, coffeeneuring will be upon us, so there's that outdoor adventure to look forward to.

It never ends...
And why oh why am I searching Craigslist, drawn to find a pink/purple Specialized Hardrock Ultra or a GT frame of the same era? I've certainly gravitated to step through bicycles, but on some level I miss the utility and lightness of my Trek Antelope, or is it because I want another bike to fix up to keep my unemployed self busier?


  1. Congrats on completing your challenge.

    1. Thank you. It felt good to put that behind me considering Burlington is teaming with college students. It turned out to be a great time to move out of the city.

  2. Nice post and congrats, like Randy said. Also I can get behind any post that includes a couple of nice fat frogs. Excellent!

  3. It's always so interesting to see the pics of your area - so different from ours. And I like your challenge idea - I haven't ridden nearly so much during lockdown but your challenge has made me think I must find one of my own.


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