Monday, May 11, 2020

Bye Bye Trek 830 Antelope

Trek 830 Antelope
Too small frame, no longer fitting anyone in our family.
Over several sessions, I broke down my once beloved Trek 830 Antelope, kept parts that might come in handy on our other old mountain bikes, and donated the frame to Old Spokes Home, where magic happens and they will rebuild it back up again for someone to use as transportation. 

I haven't seen this bike without a rack since 1985.

 Deore LX derailleur looks to still be in good shape.

Letting the crank and sprockets go with the bike.

In 1994 all the original Suntour components were replaced with the recommended Shimano group set, in preparation for our around the world journey.  As I lovingly dismantled the bike, I noted that the only thing still original were the stem and handlebars - a testament to how long these old mountain bikes can last and why they still make wonderful commuter bikes.

I have no regrets - how liberating to part with an ill fitting bicycle!

I'm now down to a manageable 4 bicycles.


  1. I'm impressed that you have held on to a bike so many years, even though it didn't quite fit properly. It must be a little difficult to say goodbye, even knowing it isn't right for you any longer. I'm sure there are lots of memories. The good is that someone else will get to make their own memories with it, which is fantastic!

    I hope you are getting your fab-four to a place that they work well for you. I feel like that is a never-ending project for me! :-)

    1. GE, it was difficult to say goodbye not only because the Trek holds memories, but also because the bike was lightweight and could fill so many roles over the years. I was hoping to pass this on to one of our sons, but alas they are taller than I am! I didn't know the bike was too small until 5 years ago, namely from experience with other bikes I've owned: the 19" Ross Mount Saint Helens (too small) and now the 20" Peugeot St. Laurent, which fits well.

    2. My goal this summer is to setup the Clementine to fit well. I will be limited - as most of us are - on bike overnight destinations to test my new handle bars, tires, etc. but feel I can at least improve reach for a more aggressive posture.

  2. I've just accepted that the dismantled bikes I have in the garage will never be made into bikes that I (or my family) like. It has been too long and our needs have changed. The bike bits will go to the local community bike shed.

    I feel so much better for deciding that!

    1. Good for you. It was the maintenance of 6 bikes that made me rethink my madness. I'm hoping that 4 is a better number.


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