Saturday, August 3, 2019

Voila, A Handlebar Bag for the Dahon!

Using a Gregory backpack top pouch for the Dahon's handlebar bag.
When I took apart an old Gregory backpack, I cleaned and saved a few items that might come in handy. One of the nifty features of this late 80's style was it's modular design. The top pouch was removable and could be combined with the beefy waist belt - also easily detached - to fashion a large fanny pack, should you only want minimal storage on a hike. I also purchased a separate fanny pack-specific piece (in hindsight I don't know why) that also functions similarly: connected to waist belt. My husband has the same pack in a beautiful rust color - and he still uses it - but at the time, purchased two vertical pockets, necessary feature in today's backpacking world where all packs come with water bottle pockets - and a downside with our model.

The top pouch, with it's abundant lashings, side buckles, and sturdy zipper, is versatile enough to latch onto the Dahon almost anywhere! I gave the bag simple structure by adding a sleeve (pictured above) and inserted a dowel - the only modification.

I hooked a shoulder strap to the "bottom", just because I plan on using this extra pouch eventually connected to another backpack for an upcoming trip which will also double as shoulder bag on a flight to our destination. For now, I use the strap to further secure the bag around the Dahon's handle post.

Side view shows massive volume.
As mentioned, versatility is amazing - the current setup stores bike lock, tool bag, and pump. I also can squeeze in other items because of the flexible material.

I recently installed new tires,, a new chain, and previously mentioned new, lower-toothed front chainring assembly - all welcome upgrades.

I am smitten with a little bike with big capabilities that rides like a dream! In fact, the Dahon has become - happily - my main ride until I sort out (ugh) further problems with two other bicycles. And, I've recently purchased two sling bags that should work when connected as mini rear panniers - more on that later!


  1. What a great use for something you already owned to make additional life/usefulness of it! I am always impressed by your projects and appreciate when something already owned (or found) can be used to make life a little easier.

    On a somewhat unrelated note, I have seen a lot more Dahon/small-wheeled bikes around lately. It's almost as though this last year has brought a surge in numbers (at least locally). Perhaps more people are discovering the usefulness of this type of bike? I don't really have any specific data, but it's interesting to me that I've suddenly seen more of them.

    1. Thanks GE. I have also seen more folders on the bike path. I can't tell if they're locals or tourists but it's still heartening. I'm excited to cobble a pair of low cost panniers together to round out my luggage setup. Have also discovered that a small backpack would also give me more space up front should I need it, though that's yet to be tested.

  2. I love my Dahon too. With its low gearing and 3 speed rear hub its so versatile. If I could only have one bike, this is the one.

  3. The only thing the Dahon is missing now is its trailer so you can bring home dimensional lumber with it!

  4. Another ingenious converson of a bag to what you need. It's good to hear that you like this bike so much too - useful to remember if I ever think about getting one.... Brenda at Cycling in the Sixth Decade has one too.
    I've only just seen your post as I still haven't worked out a way to get notification that you've written a new post, so I only see that you've written one if I see it on my sidebar.


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