Monday, March 11, 2019

New Bike Shoes, Just Because - Pearl Izumi Ladies

I normally avoid bike-specific garments, but shoes are another thing altogether. I dearly love my Nashbar Ragster sandals and because this second pair is new I wasn't necessarily looking for another pair of bike shoes, but sometimes I can't resist deeply discounted footwear. I came across a pair of Pearl Izumi ladies' shoes, only available in one size - my size - for less than 20.00. Surely, that's a sign!

Previous to bike sandals, I used Shimano shoes until they showed wear and gradually were too tight - about the time when my feet grew one size. I've missed owning a more formal shoe, something that could be used for longer rides. Fortunately, as with the sandals, I can avoid cutting out the rubber-coated bottoms to expose cleat hardware, and wear the shoes as-is on flat pedals, my preferred pedal choice these days.

The new shoes are definitely acceptable, especially for the price. They're narrower than I expected and a more lightweight type shoe than the much older, thicker Shimanos. The Pearl Izumis have mesh sides that are airy so thin socks are a must for early spring and late fall rides. The cord-lock enclosures take some getting used to. The laces gradually loosen over time. However, the neoprene sock-like collar is comfortable and prevents the shoe from coming off. The sole is made from a harder material than my sandals, so I'm careful to avoid sliding on my RMS sneaker pedals. Even with the caveats, I'm pleased to have another pair of stiff-soled footwear, a nice backup to the sandals that I usually wear 6 months of the year.


  1. I miss my now worn out Shimano bike sandals, I hardly ever wear shoes unless it is raining or snowing too much... Wish I could find bargains like that.

    1. I also prefer the breathability of sandals for most of my riding in our humid summers, then I tend to extend the riding season by wearing socks. I was very tickled to find this great bargain on another type of shoe.

  2. Nice find!

    And they look good too.

  3. Sandals and RMS sneaker pedals is the bomb, Love that combo.

  4. My favorites have velcro straps combined with laces similar to your shoes. Unfortunately, they are only good in temperatures below 40F since the waterproof nature limits their breathing. I use "two way" pedals on my cyclocross bike that work with or without cleats.


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