Sunday, March 18, 2018

Ideas for 2018 and beyond

On the agenda for 2018 are some new goals, revisiting one from 2017, and thoughts in general about travel.

Bike NYC
In May, I have plans that involve the Dahon folder, a train ride, and time with our eldest son visiting New York City highlights. Travel is lined up and accommodations are secured so whatever the weather, the trip will happen in some shape or form. It was a delightful surprise that our son wanted to join me so I know this adventure will be extra special!

Experiences are Key
For many years now, I thrive on the journey versus counting miles and/or setting unreasonable goals. I am waylaid by flowers growing in fields, wineries, coffee shops, garage sales, hikes/walks, unique bicycle shops, Vermont microbreweries, spending time beside water sources, anything in Canada, and/or with friends. I still love to camp and prefer that mode when alone but because I have the means I am open to staying indoors when companions require more comfort. With limited vacation days per year I like the guarantee of either indoor shelter (especially if I must ride all day in the rain) and/or remaining flexible with plans/goals. It's all about maximizing vacations and weekends!

A Week with my Husband
Speaking of experiences, my husband and I are setting aside a week's vacation for a bike ride, which will likely be in September due to allowing his broken wrist to properly heal and gain strength, but we are hopeful to spend a week riding somewhere. Current ideas are the remote region of northeastern Vermont/Canada and revisiting the GAP. He has a different mindset regarding miles so I may have to bring wine for evening wine-downs!

Bike and Hike
Bike overnights are a must in 2018 and I'm also craving another bike-hike adventure much like the past Lake Elmore trip. It's a great way to stretch the legs and enjoy solitude.

Finish Riding Colchester's Roads
I want to finish riding all of Colchester's public roads. I will start earlier this year and to keep interest I may include short hikes, visits to farm stands, or heck, maybe Colchester has their own microbrewery!

The above ideas will keep me busy for 2018. Future travel ideas could be classes at bike mechanic's school - there's one in Oregon and Colorado - which would allow exploration while learning. I like the idea of combining themes with cycling. And for the first time ever, I don't have any major bicycle renovations planned beyond routine maintenance - at least that I can foresee!


  1. Sounds as though you have some fun plans on the schedule for 2018, Annie! I look forward to reading about them as they are checked off your list. :)

    I agree with you that being able to enjoy the journey (as opposed to counting miles) makes it a far better cycling experience. Miles can be good markers, but I find the rides when I'm experiencing something are so much more fun. Hopefully, you'll have many of these rides throughout the year.

    1. Yeah, gotta plan at least one interesting trip each year and fill in the edges with overnights. I hope you get out on an adventure, sounds like you need it.

  2. An interesting post! I don't worry about the miles either - I just like to enjoy the ride. My miles this year so far are well down on last year but who cares?! I too like to combine themes with cycling.

    1. I believe we are a lot alike. Sewing, cycling step-though bikes, overnights...too bad we don't live near each other!

  3. You mentioned Microbreweries twice in your post, I like that sort of thinking!!

    1. Thank goodness Vermont beers are as good as anything out west. I'm stuck on IPAs, very flavorful here.

    2. IPA's are my favorite, and I can double, triple and Imperial IPA's at my local beer place. Life is good,


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