Sunday, March 25, 2018

Errandonnee 2018 - Fits and Starts

Errandonnee-mobile: a Trek Antelope 830.
Cycling eases me over life's bumps. With inevitable care of an aging parent, I've been rather distracted lately, but for some normalcy in my own life, which means riding and walking, I'm trying to complete as many errands as possible. I've done many errands on foot but for purposes of accounting, I'm sticking to bike-related trips. Let's Go, Errandonnee!

Errands 1-6, 28 Total Miles 

March 20 (photo above)
Category: Peaceful Everyday Actions, donation to Goodwill
Observation: I don't know why it took me so long to drop off a bag of clothes. I'm inspired to keep on cleaning out my closets.

March 20 (photo above)
Category: Arts & Entertainment, Picking up puzzles for my mom at Goodwill
Observation: I found what I was looking for, with an added bonus of running into an old coworker and catching up.

An authentic Dutch seat cover.
March 21 
Category: Work or Volunteering, bike commuting to work
Observation: It was fun to try out my new, silly, seat cover that a friend gave to me. 

My mom at home.
March 21
Category: Non-store Errand, visiting my mom in ER (she's fine!)
Observation: I left work for the 4.5 mile dash to the hospital. For obvious reasons, I don't have a picture for this visit.

March 25
Category: Store, buying bleach
Observation: One gallon was too heavy so I opted for a half gallon.

The Bagel Cafe. A snow hump prevents many users locking bikes to the rack.
There's a dozen bagels in the paper bag.
March 25
Category: Store, getting bagels for the family
Observation: I left home early and saw the sun rise! That hasn't happened in a long time.


  1. Glad to see you participating. Sounds like you're off to a good start. Your Mother looks happy and healthy. I'm finding that one of the toughest things in life is seeing my parents age. I like your seat cover. My mother has made us a few but they are more dust covers for when parked in the garage. I need to get her to make some that are waterproof. Good luck with the rest of your errands.

    1. Thanks Randy. My hearts's not really in this challenge so we'll see how the rest of the week goes.

  2. You look like your mother!

    Excuse me asking, but what on earth do you do with half a gallon of bleach!! I have got a small bottle which is years old....

    1. I use bleach in the wash to keep white garments white, sanitizing animal litter boxes and stinky compost bucket, whitening our grungy white kitchen sink - just don't get it on your sleeves when using it or clothing is ruined.


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