Thursday, February 1, 2018

Winter Commutes - I'm Back!

Overlook Park has bike repair tools
Snow piles at Overlook Park, South Burlington.
A weekend road ride in 45F fueled the hunger for getting back into riding to work. Bike paths still needed to dry out, but pavement was fine, which fired me up to look at alternate, navigable routes.

Lake Champlain view from Overlook Park
Lake Champlain vista, Overlook Park, South Burlington.
My normal route encompasses two bike paths, but thinking outside the box to include neighborhoods and quiet streets could still make for a pleasant ride. After reconnaissance by foot and bus, I formed a workable plan.

what I carry on bike commutes
Staying organized is key. to getting back into  winter commuting, especially with the extra clothing required to stay warm.
I've ridden two days so far this week, a brisk 10F ride and today in 15-35F, linking one path (walking a few short icy spots) and mostly on road. It will take me a while to get back in the groove. I forgot to wear earrings one day and I can't locate my normal cable lock, though a purple chain lock is adequate for my relatively safe workplace outdoor parking.

I know I've come full circle when I arrive home, smiling, and unpack my pannier onto our entryway. floor, and begin the process of putting away my belongings.

After six weeks without bike commuting, I'm thrilled to be back on two wheels. And only time will tell - either that or the furry guy emerging from his burrow tomorrow - as to how often rides happen.


  1. Hey Annie! Punxsutawney Phil be damned, it's good you're not sitting out the winter like so many fairweather riders. I happen to be sitting it out as well, but for entirely noble reasons, I assure you. Is the Trek your beater bike now? Don't want to let old man winter near your Riv rig!

    1. Hi Jake. I've discovered I don't mind the cold - even down to Zero F - but I won't ride on snow or ice. Roads and paths need to be 90% bare for me to get on two wheels. And yes, the Trek is my winter bike now, seems like a good use for it.

  2. Nice to see the winter bike getting some work

  3. Six weeks of not being able to ride is a long time. I can understand how glad you must be to get back on the bike. As to the pic of all your belongings that need unpacking, whenever I go shopping by bike, and I'm getting ready to go, I always find myself thinking - "Why do I need so much stuff just to go shopping 4 miles away?" Bag containing personal essentials such as money (I don't carry anything in there that's not necessary), shopping bags, bottle of water, something to eat (even on a short journey I always carry this), padlock, Garmin (not strictly necessary). I always turn round in the kitchen and say to myself "Have I forgotten anything?"


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