Monday, February 5, 2018

Bike Blog Love - 6th Edition

There's talk in the bike blogging world that our numbers are dwindling. It may be true. We've all seen blogs fold because, well, life changes. Others are dormant, their authors have jumped onto less intensive platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook for instant connection and rarely update their blog. A few bike blogs remain though, so folks still enjoy the lengthy process of scribbling, er typing their thoughts. I've cut back on frequency, but tell a tale when the mood strikes. I suppose we get our communication in whatever dose works for us.

"The times, they are a changing."

When I set out to choose a new collection of blogs to celebrate, I realized that I'd fallen in a rut myself, and hadn't sought out any new blogs in the past year to vary my reading. This time I intentionally made new connections through blog links or mentions in online forums. I'm sharing several current standbys and some new-to-me blogs. On that note, I've also looked further abroad - across the pond - for some refreshing, new content.

Bikes For The Rest Of Us

This blog speaks to me. It's not a chronicle of biking life, but a resource of utilitarian bicycles. If a new transportation bike hits the market, and is worth mentioning, the author crafts a very useful rundown, complete with photos and other pertinent information.


Bikelovejones has been around for a long time though I'm a fairly new convert. I identify with her bike aesthetic: riding 1980's mountain bikes for transportation. Once a racer and bike mechanic, Beth is a musician and refurbishes bicycles for a refugee resettlement program. Fatigued with Crohn's disease, Beth has good and bad days. but she strives for the bright side, appreciating the healing power of a bike ride.

CLR Effect

Formally the Claremont Cyclist, I've reconnected with this blogger from California. His photography and writing is often poetic. He also loves bicycle history.

Town Mouse

Town Mouse has been a staple on my side bar for sometime. She is a humorous writer, loves gardening, and gets over her head in bicycle advocacy, residing in Scotland. She is the first to admit she is a fumble fingers bike mechanic, putting off maintenance until the last minute.

Tootlepedal's Blog

Also Scottish, Tom is an avid cyclist, outdoor lover and photographer. He is a born storyteller, enchanting readers with his unique perspective on walks and bike rides. Wildlife flocks to his bird feeders.


An east coast Scotland fat bike rider who creates nice videos.


  1. Wow! This is serendipitous, as I've been going through my old blog posts and clicking links to now-dead blogs. It's amazing how many are gone, as in url directs to a domain squatter.

    And big blogs too: Let's Go Ride A Bike is down, and their Book of Face hasn't been updated since 2014. I remember LGRAB being such a big deal in 2011, so much so that people just casually used their initials and everyone was expected to know what you were talking about!

    But, we're still around, so that's good, right?


  2. I was looking forward to this; it's always nice to get the fresh perspectives. I've been following "Bikes For The Rest Of Us" for a while now, and that one is really a treat.

    I can understand why some blogs go inactive: for myself, I've been riding more and blogging less. Also doing more group rides where I get so caught up in the social aspect I don't take pictures and don't look for interesting stuff to blog about. Hey, it happens...

    1. Hi Doug. When blogging takes us away from riding, that's when it's time to stop writing! Some of us live and breathe cycling and enjoy the documentation aspect, so I suspect we'll always (thought never say never!) be around to write about it even if those times become less frequent.

  3. Reading a book right now about how bicycling (from the mid to late 1800s) influenced, and expanded our understanding of our surroundings, and have been struck by the parallels between the dispersal of information, back then, via journals, art, etc, the comings and goings of various periodicals, and todays blogs and riding bloggers. The medium may have changed some, and the style, but the message is much the same. Thanks for the listing, and the list; I see a couple blogs previously unknown to me I need to check out.

  4. I like the fact that you do this list - I've just signed up to one of the above. funny though, only today I was thinking about my own blog and wondering if I still wanted to do it. The answer is I do, but not if it becomes a burden. Not if it means I spend more time in front of a screen than cycling or sewing. I too have come across a lot of bloggers that are no longer writing - I really admire the ones that have been going for years!

  5. Thanks for the input. Glad you are still posting. Hear anything about Lovely Bicycle? No word, just nothing. - Liz

    1. Lovely Bicycle has posted recently. She explains how she feels about loosing interest in blogging. Check out her blog.

  6. I find for me its and ebb and flow, some months I am riding and wrenching and some months not so much and I just can't get motivated despite lots to do, I have an Instagram account but haven't really used it much, hmmmm


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