Sunday, October 15, 2017

Coffeeneuring 2017 - First Cup on the Long Trail Bridge

View from Long Trail Bridge above the Winooski River.

My husband challenged me to expand my Coffee Shop Without Walls horizons this year to include tributaries to Lake Champlain. For two years I've brewed coffee and tea on the shores of our beautiful lake, which has been great fun and is close to home, should I need to keep brew ups short and sweet on a frigid morning. I have a few more scenic spots in mind. My husband, however, is bored with my usual coffeeneuring routine and he wants to accompany me on more outings further afield, which, I am over-the-moon about, plus I will have a built in photographer, making documentation easier.

Or should make photography easier...except I made a coffeeneur's faux pas: at the car park as we assembled our bikes, I realized I'd left my camera and phone at home!

So, readers, use your imagination. Here's Miss Clementine loaded with my usual basket of goodies: camp stove, cup, tea, table cloth, chair, water bottle, and lock.

A coffeeneaur's bike set up reenactment, sans bungee cord tie downs. I collected the bunch of red clover on the return to the car as treats for our animals!

I snagged these photos the following day, returning with our family as part of a driving foliage tour.
Our boys are walking on the bridge.
Two years ago the Green Mountain Club built a suspension bridge over the Winooski River to aid Long Trail through hikers over a major river in their quest to hike the length of Vermont. It's easy to access each end of the bridge either by car or bicycle.

In fact, we rolled our bicycles onto the bridge where I brewed tea while observing spectacular water views. Rivaling a momentous Ethan Allen Tower adventure, the Long Trail Bridge brew up was my husband's idea as our first coffeeneuring stop. Way to go husband!

The Place: Long Trail Bridge
Date: Saturday, October 14.
Drink: Celestial Seasoning's Wild Berry Zinger Tea
Observation: Epic fail, forgetting a camera or phone, but we recovered by returning later to take photos and introduced our boys to the bridge.
Total Miles: 14


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who forgets her phone and/or camera before setting out. :) I think it happens to the best of us, even when we're trying to remember such things.

    Vermont always seems so beautiful in your photos this time of year. Definitely a place I'd like to visit one of these years during the autumn season.

    Glad your coffeeneuring got off to a pleasant start - and it's fantastic that your husband plans to join you this year too! :)

    1. My husband will join me on some of the fun, interesting rides, but not all. I set out the next day alone to take advantage of the warm weekend weather for #2.

  2. Nicely done cool bridge! I had my phone with my last year for one stop and forgot to take the obligatory bike in front of the coffee shop pic, I too went back the next day for a dramatic reenactment :-)

    1. I got so excited - and to be fair, driving to a spot to start a coffeeneuring adventure is definite unusual - that I left my purse near the front door, but forgot about loading it into the car.


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