Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Riding with the Boys, er, Young Men

Riding with our teenage sons is always an impromptu affair: a ride to get creemees, a cruise along the waterfront to capture the sunset, and recently, a 6-mile urban ride on sidewalks and sunny asphalt to greet a far flung family member at Burlington's airport. What strikes me the most is how well we all get along - the rambunctious 15 year old pairs off with his father, detouring through parking lots, while our cautious, college-bound son is content, hanging with his mom, pedaling the direct route. Summertime pleasure rides make me smile. 😊


  1. That's a beautiful picture. Enjoy these years....

  2. Just what I was going to say. These years are precious.

  3. Cool Hoping to get on the bike with my girl this summer

  4. Fantastic! My late wife and I raised two sons (now aged 49 and 42), so I "get it".
    Enjoy them while you can. :-)

  5. Thanks all. I love it when family life has moments of bliss. We try to keep our sons' bikes in working order, don't insist they ride, but refuse to drive them everywhere, and somehow it all works out. They've figured out that riding for transportation works well in our small city and short family jaunts have their own magic.

  6. Of COURSE y'all get along when on a bike ride. Could it be otherwise?

  7. I've made cycling look SO COOL that neither of my kids ride much. Here's hoping they discover those joyjoys in the future sometime.

    1. There's no accounting for teenagers' tastes (or music)! If you didn't pressure them to ride there's a good chance they'll pick it up at some point, especially if economics has anything to do with it.


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