Friday, April 14, 2017

Queen City Bicycle Club - Ladies, Ladies! Plus a Few Rogue Males

New club name, a stellar evening sky, and leader Christine towing her box of tunes. Girls in skirts, blue jeans, and tights. Lots of color and glittery cheeks is the song of girls chatting and ringing bells, riding down narrow streets, crosstown thoroughfares, including the usual hilarious circuits through a parking garage. (scroll to end of linked blog post for video)

We love our loop de loops, which also allows riders to regroup.
Bystanders clap and cheer us on. Ladies pull out of line to momentarily stop traffic so we can stick together through intersections then beeline back into formation. It's a well-orchestrated procedure for such an impromptu guided tour. Thanks, biker police!

A few rogue male riders joined the group. One was a father guiding his daughter, who left before we convened at Zero Gravity Brewery. The other guys filtered in and out, slipping down side streets to join later and ended the tour, sitting at separate tables with their special riding lady.

Again, we took advantage of a free microbrew. I gobbled my usual Coney Island Dog and bought an endless bowl of popcorn for the table, a worthwhile investment to keep us all happy!

Besides catching up with regulars Julie and Carmen, mid-life riders, it was nice to reconnect with Sammie and Joy, two ladies I met at January's Coffee Outside on the waterfront.

We were pushing the weather outdoors on the patio and as the clear sky darkened, the temperature dropped below 50F.

Around 8:30 pm I left for home, but not before snapping a photo of bike parking. Gotta love a bike pile!

I'm looking forward to May's event and, shortly thereafter, the first all-female bike overnight. Here's to low-key social rides!


  1. Another fine example of what is right about the world. Thanks for making me smile!

  2. Love it. Ride on!

  3. There's no video! Really lovely post though - I think it's lovely to see a group ride where there is such a selection of "ordinary" bikes and clothing, instead of lots of road bikes and lycra. It sounds as if you had a really enjoyable time together. I like the idea of the loops so riders can regroup.

    1. Hi Lizzie. What I meant was "scroll to the end of the linked blog post" to see an example of riding through the parking garage. Last autumn a bystander captured our ride on video and posted on their website.

  4. I've probably said it before but social rides with beer stops are the best! Looks like a fun time.

  5. Beer, bikes and coney island dogs with like minded individuals - whats not to like? I always thought Cincinnati was the Queen City...then I looked it up and according to wikipedia there are about 20 places in the US that claim that title and even Seattle used that moniker from 1869 until 1982 -who knew?

  6. That looks like so much fun! My co-op here in Memphis does a "Beers and Gears" ride to local brew pubs. It's a big draw!


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