Thursday, March 30, 2017

Errandonnee 2017 - Getting it Done

It all came together this week, linking work rides with after hours errands. And somehow I fulfilled 8 categories. Good thing too - tomorrow we are expecting a few inches of snow. So long Errandonnee...until next year!

Errandonnee Scorecard, Errands 8-13, 39 Total Cumulative Miles

March 28 (photo above)
Category: Arts and Entertainment, returning book to library
Observation: A little rain is just fine. I locked my bike to rack, met our sons inside, then we walked to a restaurant for dinner.
Miles: 1.5

March 28
Category: Social Call, had dinner at Gaku Ramen with our sons
Observation: I wasn't very impressed with my meal - it was too salty for my taste - but I managed to go through my first meal only using chopsticks.
Miles: 0

March 28
Category: Work or Volunteering, bike commute
Observation: Two months ago our company had approved a decent bike rack, but I'm still impatiently waiting for it's arrival. Until then, I use this wimpy (and broken) rack, which moves when I lock up my bike. At least it's in a safe spot. 
Miles: 10

March 29
Category: You Carried WHAT on Your Bike, a big bag of shredded paper
Observation: I carried home shredded paper to use for pet cage bedding. It's an inexpensive solution for one guinea pig that is allergic to wood shavings.
Miles: 0

March 29
Category: Personal Business, paying a bill
Observation: I love the irony - I drop off payment for my husband's sports car by bicycle!
Miles: 0

I'm digging these new purple sunglasses.
March 30
Category: Work or Volunteering, bike commute
Observation: Melting snow had covered sections of the path and frozen overnight. I walked a couple areas.
Miles: 10


  1. Me too -- about the sunglasses ;'-)

  2. I dig the sunglasses too! Are they just normal sunglasses or cycling ones?

    It looks so cold still where you are!

    1. They are cheap purple sunglasses given out by a college admissions event and I'm happy to have them! Our temps are hovering between 30-45F now, though we woke up to a few more inches of white stuff overnight. Spring is slow to surface but I've been riding all winter so current weather feels pretty balmy.

  3. Love that picture with the bag of shredded paper! This is the very heart of transportation cycling.


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