Monday, April 3, 2017

50F Plus - The Hordes Emerge from Hibernation

A stellar 50+ degree day and people are flocking to bike paths. Families are playing in the streets. On my ride home from work, I dodged runners, dogs, and go-fast cyclists. I admit I've taken the quiet, winter paths for granted. Pressed for time, I zip downhill, aiming to make up time in the morning. Hopefully there will still be traffic-free paths early morning as spring-like weather continues, but I will expect to be cautious riding towards home. I especially enjoy watching little tykes on straddle bikes, and I ring my bell as I pass - bike riders of the future!


  1. I love your attitude. I sometimes visit an online bike forum where I find people feeling pretty curmudgeonly about the increased traffic on the MUPs. I think it's great to see so many people getting out!

    1. It's really awesome to see so many folks enjoying the trails.

    2. Just this weekend, as my sig other and I were walking along the local trail to wet our whistles at a pub, we overheard a group of cyclists talk about this as they rode past us in the opposite direction. Something to the effect of "on roads, cars don't want you there, and on the bike paths, walkers don't want you there". I find it unfortunate to hear of such views. Any person out on the trails is a person out getting exercise and staying active. You'll find some inconsiderate behavior out on the paths, certainly (unpredictable ipod walkers and pro-wannabe-cyclists come to mind) but bad behavior is the exception, not the rule.

      On my local path, on an average weekend day in summer, there are over 2000 people using the trail!

  2. My niece's kid has just got her first straddle trike and loves it, start them young, she is 13 months!

    Sorry about the hoards...

  3. Great to see everyone getting out in the nicer weather....


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