Sunday, March 26, 2017

Errandonnee 2017 - Cruising with Snow, Post Time Change

Library stop.

It's nice to hold the Errandonnee this year post Daylight Saving's Time switch-over. Early spring weather has been kind of erratic this year so when I bike commute I try to squeeze in an errand on the way home, or during lunch hour with possible weekend excursions. I was excited to discover another local lady catching the Errandonnee bug, (following her 
Facebook posts! Go Carmen!). The Errandonnee is Expandonneering in Vermont.

Errandonnee Scorecard, Errands 1-7, 18 Total Miles

March 21 (photo above)
Category: Arts & Entertainment, visiting my local library
Observation: I picked out two books from the Staff Favorites bookshelf to broaden my reading list. I was disappointed that I'd missed the Human Origins exhibit by 3 days...items were packed away in a huge crate, sitting in the main reading room.
Miles: 1 (tagged onto work commute)

Eggs from the convenience store.

March 22 
Category: Store, picking up eggs
Observation: It's nice to have a convenience store so close to home where I can grab something on the ride home.

Miles: 0

Parking next to sinks!

March 23

Category: Personal Business, help at Resource
Observation: I brought in glass door knobs to get an opinion on whether they carried parts to replace existing knob and cartridge assembly.

Miles: 3

March 23
Category: Non-Store Errand, previewed house
Observation: On my lunch hour I rode by a house for sale for an exterior preview. Unfortunately, there was an offer within two days on the market. It's a hot sellers' market in this region.

Miles: 1

March 23
Category: Non-Store Errand, Checking City Market South construction
Observation: Extending my lunch hour ride, I noticed the new store's girders are going up fast. 
Miles: 3

March 26th and its still balaclava weather!

March 26
Category: Personal Care, visiting my father's grave
Observation: Sunshine and 20 degrees doesn't stop this gal from a 10 mile ride, thanks to winter work commute training. Checked out one Little Free Library en route, but the book selection didn't interest me. Had to walk the snowy, icy cemetery roads. Plenty of snow and 2-foot snowbanks in Burlington, a holdover from Hurricane Stella.

Miles: 5

March 26
Category: Social Call, relaxing with coffee at Bagel Cafe, then buying bagels for our family
Observation: I planned this stop mid-ride to warm up on a 20 degree morning and found I was comfortable! However, I can't pass up a cup of Vermont Coffee's Dark Roast and a rest at a sunlit table. The Bagel Cafe should dig out the bike rack!

Miles: 5


  1. Thanks for the City Market update. We are really thrilled with how close their second location will be to us.

  2. Seven errands in 18 miles is so far beyond my comprehension. I am so far away from everything. There are some advantages of rural living, but I'll never be an errandonnee candidate. Watching you folks brews some envy in me. Even so, I say bravo!

    1. Thanks, and I realize that urban living makes it relatively easy to enter the Errandonnee. But you've perfected coffeeneuring!

  3. Ahhh! I forgot about the Errandonnee. Think I'll jump in anyway. Looks like you're doing good despite the less than ideal weather conditions.


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