Monday, March 6, 2017

Bike Blog Love - 5th Edition

Every year I seek out new bicycle blogs to follow. Here's my annual ode to a new (or at least new to me) batch of two-wheeled bloggers. Spread the link love!

Mr. Frivolous Cycling is a transportation cyclist in California and also enjoys unplanned outings. His goal this year is to complete a 45 mile charity ride. The heck with traditional training and hill sprints! Humorous and independent, I enjoyed his "tab" on bikes: he owns only one bicycle and it's my kind of color - purple!

Bikes For The Rest of Us

The blog has been around a while, but I've discovered it recently, stumbling on a Miyata Ridge Runner, which the blog describes as "RUB".....stands for Retro Urban Bike or Retro Utility Bike.
Bikes for the Rest of Us reviews practical bicycles - the blog title says it all.

Simply Cycle
I stumbled on this blog while researching Rivendell's Bosco bars. Marc hails from Michigan and is a part-time teacher. He taught some magic recently, opening teenage minds in The mouths of babes.

What This Bike Needs
Lizzie lives in England (I think) and has a penchant for sewing and cycling. She rides a step through bike - a woman after my own heart - and doesn't let hills stop her, last fall completing the Coffeeneuring Challenge.

It's All an Adventure
A long distance bus driver squeezing in rides wherever possible. I like his appreciation for wild life.

Riding the Mindway
Another Iowan, who rides as much as possible throughout the winter.

Citizen Rider
 A fellow New Englander, who loves the off season for skiing, works in a bike shop, and had the misfortune of thieves violating his home. While not a pleasant experience for anyone, I enjoyed his heartfelt portrayal of the awful day. May cafiend have a better 2017.

Max, the Cyclist
A gung ho young cyclist and bike packer who does his own hacks, uses practical gear and racks (basket packing), and has a spiffy blog. I discovered the Soma Lucas front rack through this blog, certainly a consideration for my Clementine.

Keep walking, even if it's steep
I've followed Jim's writing and adventures for many years. Jim owns three very practical bicycles and lives in Estes Park, CO. He's not a regular writer, but I enjoy reading his stuff when he does. Jim is not afraid to work on his own bicycles.


  1. I will make it a point to visit each of these blogs, except for Citizen Rider, which I read pretty much all the time already.

  2. Thanks so much for including my blog in your list! I guess I'll have to up my game and become less frivolous. Or not. :)

  3. Some of these sites have a good list of ADDED links to check out. Apparently, my investigations will take more time than initially expected. Thanks again for this post!

    1. My pleasure Steve! With some bike blogs sadly ending, there's always new ones to take their place, plus I like to drive traffic to new blogs. So many folks have jump-started my blog that I like to pay it forward.

  4. +1 on Keep Walking, I am envious of Jim's rail trail trips - gotta do one someday

  5. Thanks for the list...always good to have more blogs to visit...

  6. Ooh lots of lovely new blogs for me to read! And yes I am in England and thanks for mentioning me! Getting new shifters for my bike next week - I'm so excited!

    1. New shifters? Blog about it! Lizzie, your blog makes me so happy. :)

  7. Wow! I feel honored with this. Thank you, Annie

  8. I love this! A person can never follow too many bike blogs. ;-)


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