Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Beautiful, Iced Landscape

I have mixed feelings about mixed precipitation. Icy mist had fallen by daybreak creating slippery roadways and sidewalks. I wore my spiked traction devices, gingerly walking downhill, ducking beneath heavily glazed trees, afraid to touch their fragile branches as I made my way to catch the bus to my workplace. As it was, while I rode the bus, a crashing sound hit the roof, sounding like shattering glass, which could have only been fallen, brittle tree limbs.

Later that day I walked home, talking care on still treacherous walkways, but all that glittery beauty is a wondrous sight. I know I won't be cycling for a while with more precipitation forecast for the remainder of the week.

Bicycles with icicles on the UVM campus.

Amazingly, a day after the storm, there is no wind to further damage the ice-laden trees. I am hopeful for a gentle thaw so trees can shed their weighted coat of ice. Until then, I will smile and sigh as I walk underneath and beside this special sight.


  1. Wow - amazing pictures!! What sort of traction devices do you wear?

  2. These pictures are gorgeous!

    Do you ever ride in icy conditions like this? If so, what tires do you use?

    1. I never ride on icy roads! It's way too scary and unpredictable.

    2. I do ride on ice, and studded winter tires make it possible. Riding with studs on ice is nearly as stable as riding on pavement. Wheels still can slip on ice but it's only until the next stud digs in. I have studded tires on my bike all winter, even when it's cold and dry, no ice or anything on the ground, though I do tend to install them as late as possible and swap 'em out for my summer tires ASAP.

  3. Beautiful. Just wish it weren't so dangerous.


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