Thursday, October 27, 2016

Coffeeneuring 2016 - There's No Point Crying Over Spilled Milk

The rain held off by Sunday afternoon and with a warm breeze, I was itching for a bike ride. I also wanted to take advantage of another Coffee Shop Without Walls coffeeneuring outing a day later than number two. However, chilly weather can descend anytime - so I count my lucky stars when I can.

I pick my spot, the second public staircase access to a beautiful sandy beach, and amazingly protected from yet another stiff southern - and what I've come to realize is a coffeeneuring - wind! I carry my heavy (and heavily ladened) Clementine down several flights and prop her on the last landing to keep my eye on her, trying not to think of the return ascent.

With my coffeeneuring basket in tow, I smile as I hop on circular log steps at the bottom, someone's little project to make footing a bit easier.

This year's Coffee Shop Without Walls furnishings: a chair, a stove, picnic basket of goodies, and a view of Lake Champlain.

I settle in and marvel at my secluded, but more importantly, sheltered spot.

With the low lake level I counted 7 duck blinds this year, a record on northern Burlington's shoreline. 

I rummaged through my basket only to find that my container of milk had spilled on my stove, my matches, my lock and tool pouch...everything. The matches were completely soaked, though I tried to dry and strike a couple before giving up.

As everyone knows, there's no point crying over spilled milk. I laughed out loud at my own very appropriate use of that phrase, then sat back and relaxed. Nothing else to do!

Was this afternoon destined to be a dry run?

As it turns out, had I been able to light the stove, a cup of tea would be only a fantasy. I returned home to discover I had left my tea bag and brown sugar on the kitchen counter.


  1. Still looked like a nice day to be out, even with the spilled milk and forgotten tea.

  2. Think the disorganised day started with the socks, love that bike.


  3. Love the socks! Are they odd ones or a pair that's meant to be different?

    1. I have 4 pairs of these socks, given to me by a good friend. They are easy to mix and match as all have coordinating colors, but crazy patterns.

    2. History of these socks: A good friend used them beneath her Keen sandals on our GAPCO tour in 2013. I loved them! She mailed me my own assortment. Scroll down halfway through this link to see three pairs of feet gathered around the emblem at the start of the C&O path.

    3. I think I will be adopting this look with my green Keen sandals! although I don't generally wear them on the bike.


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