Sunday, October 30, 2016

Coffeeneuring 2016 - Third Cup at Second Overlook Beach

The Coffeeneuring Where's Waldo Edition - Can you find Annie on the beach? Photo credit: Lizzy.
On the heels of my Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk blog post, I returned to the same waterfront location the following weekend - this time with a girlfriend. I successfully brewed tea, after momentarily panicking because my stove was in pieces, but I managed to put it back together and it functioned fine. (Note to self: don't forget to store stove in a plastic bag, instead of letting it rattle around in the basket.)

Once again, storing bike on last stair landing. Photo credit: Lizzy.
I brought my Ross commuter bike this time around because she is lighter than Miss Clementine and easier to lug down a few flights of stairs.

Annie with a cup of tea, admiring the Lake Champlain vista.
I especially enjoyed catching up with my friend, Lizzy. She also brought her dog, Ollie along, who amused himself on the beach. At one point Lizzy and Ollie walked out on the sand flats and took the photo of me relaxing on the sand. 

The Place: Second Overlook Public Beach
Date: Saturday, October 22.
Drink: Celestial Seasoning's Wild Berry Zinger Tea 
Observation, Bike Friendliness: Plenty of places to lock a bike to the railing. Coffee Shop Without Walls outings are better with a partner. This is the only beach that is sheltered from both north and south winds.
Total Miles: 14


  1. I found Annie on the beach first try! What do I win?

    I just made a short try at coffeeneuring to see what the big deal was. And now I know why people do it. It keeps you on the bike, and it gives you a goal. And though it didn't take me any place I haven't been before, that can be one of the benefits.

    1. you win a smile... :)

      Glad to hear you've caught the coffeeneuring bug! However, the magic of coffeeneuring can also become the impetus to try coffee shops you've never been to before...


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