Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Classic Miyata 610 Grand Touring Bicycle for Sale

Now that I'm waiting for a Rivendell Clementine to arrive, it's time to part with an old friend.

Craigslist ad


  1. If I thought there was any way on this earth I could ride that size frame, I'd be begging you to ship it to me as I type (or planning a trip to Vermont... a state I've always wanted to visit). Alas, these short legs could never straddle the top tube and I've no doubt the reach is far too long for me. :(

    I hope it finds a good new home and someone enjoys riding it.

    1. No interest so far. It will probably take some time to find the right buyer...And don't be teased by my offer, it will fit someone my height, around 5'8" - certainly too big for you!

  2. I loved my Miyata 912 and was a little sad to see it go but I had too many bikes at the time, hope someone recognizes what a find a Miyata 610 is. Good Luck. No Low-ballers!


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