Thursday, October 22, 2015

Coffeeneuring 2015 - Fourth Cup at Perkins Pier

On a less blustery morning this parklet, next to a new Champ sculpture (our very own Lake Champlain monster),
would make a fine place to brew up some joe.
As has become my pattern, I tackle one more neighborhood in my Burlington Streets Challenge before choosing a lakefront park for Coffee Shop Without Walls, episode four.

On the heels of an coffeeneuring hiccup the previous day, whereby I was under dressed, ducked out of a heavy snow squall, frantically pedaled to our camp, and my husband placed me in front of a heater, where I brewed my tea from water heated on the electric stove—I was dressed to the nines this morning (35F), complete with long underwear beneath my tights and chemical warmers inside my shoes.

Despite the windy morning, the ten mile view across the lake to New York's foliage covered hills always blows me away. Sheltered by granite blocks and docked boats, I brewed tea at Perkins Pier.

Tea, apple cake, and a good book—perfect coffeeneuring accouterments.
Not knowing how much fuel remained inside the stove's built-in canister, I took advantage of preheating tea bag, milk, and sugar together in a stainless steel pot, which ended up adding lots of flavor. It reminded me of how Indians brew chai on kerosene stoves curbside, when tends to brew a strong cup. I'll remember that for future cups of tea.

The clouds have a big impact and often surreal effect on my lakeside photos, though I admit I don't always notice the clouds at all until I edit the images later.

I'm relearning how to dress myself once the mercury takes a dive, which of course affects how long my bike ride lasts. After my cup of tea, I continued along the waterfront, enjoying the changing colors, with delightfully warm toes.

The Place: Perkins Pier
Date: Sunday, October 18
Drink: Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold tea 
Observation, Bike Friendliness: A nice pier that houses numerous boats in the summer, with wide views of the lakeside landscape well into the fall. A grassy square with benches welcomes walkers to its mini-park that juts into the lake. Granite blocks provide shelter from a northern wind. 
Total Miles: 15

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