Monday, June 15, 2015

Early Morning on the Charles River Trail

On a business trip in Massachusetts, I squeezed in an early morning ride along the Charles River Trail. At 5 am there was birdsong, families of geese, and the sounds of river water tumbling on its course towards Boston—all highly unexpected in this congested region.

I began my journey in Waltham, about two miles from my hotel, and pedaled as far as Watertown, approximately 5 miles before turning back.

At first, navigating was tough. The trail frequently switches sides of the river. But I began to look out for signed posts and faded blue painted bird-tracks on the asphalt, guiding path users at river crossings.

There were also interesting bridges and ramps, numerous overlooks, and a mixture of gravel and pavement, which held my interest. I couldn't wait to see what was around the bend.

It was a humid start to another scorching day, but sometimes you gotta suck it up and just ride.

And with scenery like this, well, it made a perfect start to my workday.

Thank you, Charles River Trail!

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