Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Neighborhood Trail in Two Seasons

While scouting possible routes last March to my workplace I discovered a trail tucked away between a private school and a neighboring street. Invisible, really, to all but those who regularly walk or someone like me who are continually seeking faster and or safer bike routes from one place to another. The trail was covered in snow, but excitement, level ground, and chunky tires made the passage fairly easy. However, I didn't return until winter's grip finally loosened and Spring breathed life into the land.

Indeed, I was pleased that it's a cut-through used year round, providing ample shade and a little wilderness in a South Burlington neighborhood. I picture children riding back and forth, weaving around trees, yelling and having fun all summer long—all within the safe confines of a block-long forest.

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  1. I love discovering lesser known trails like that... sweet.


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