Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Errandonnee 2015 - The Start of Something Good

Delivering/donating 5 lbs. of books to our library.
A break in our deep freeze coincided with longer daylight, which provided just what I needed to practice riding to work, complete some errands, and eventually begin a new commute. Seven days has turned the seasons around, and though there will be a few snowstorms lingering throughout March, if feels like we're finally over the hump.

I'm pleased that Errandonnee requirements and categories have broadened so almost any trip I set out on should fill a niche. And, my nemesis has gone away - old category: riding in the dark. Good riddance.

Let's get crackin' and ride!

Errandonnee Scorecard
March 7
Category: You Carried What on Your Bike?, library to donate 5 lbs. of books
Observation: I haven't visited the library in month. 
Miles: 2

Snow is receding on possible route to my new workplace.
March 7
Category: Non-Store Errand, Explore viable route to work
Observation: Pleased there is less snow on the bike path than I would've guessed.
Miles: 6

Groceries to feed hungry teenagers in our home.
March 7
Category: Store, City Market, groceries
Observation: a good place to chit-chat with cycling acquaintences.
Miles: 2

I love when I can buy a skirt, dress shoes, tights, and two pair of earrings for 19.00.
March 8
Category: Personal Care, Goodwill, for more dress clothes
Observation: There is a bike rack conveniently near front entrance.
Miles: 8

Workplace bike rack is buried in snow. For the time being I'm locking my bike to the post beneath the blue awning.
March 9
Category: Work or Volunteering, Commuting to Work
Observation: With snow melt I will need to wipe down my bike after every ride
Miles: 10


  1. Good to see you're able to participate and the weather not holding you back. I too like shopping at our thrift stores. Goodwill is one of my errands.

    1. And, thrift store shopping is habit-forming, much like an endless garage sale!

  2. So happy that you've been able to get out a bit. This time of year can be so challenging with weather and while I'm okay with snow, I do not like its leftover friend: ice. :O( Glad you'll be able to commute to work by bike again.

    1. I've seen some ice lately. Snowbanks drastically melted, which left ice slicks on the paths when the temp. dropped. I've walked over some nasty stretches this week.


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