Sunday, December 21, 2014

When Holiday Shopping is Quicker by Bike

I daresay my commute was faster, plus anxiety-free compared with drivers waiting in long lines!
I've made peace with the inevitable winter transition: walking for exercise when road conditions are dangerous. Three bikes are stored; one remains in the garage to appease me for those unforeseen dry, windless, winter moments, It helps that we live within 20 minutes walk to three shopping districts; I can still leave the car at home and accomplish errands on foot. It's a winter regimen that satisfies both body and soul.

But interestingly, I realized I'd spent two hours on foot the other day and was running out of time to hoof it across town to purchase one remaining holiday gift. With sidewalks now dry, I grabbed my bike and rode an easy mile past heavy traffic, sticking to safer sidewalk (a notorious area for automobile congestion), complete my errand, and head home.

There may be other excursions where winter riding may win above all else. For that simple reason, I'll keep one bike easily accessible during the cold months.

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