Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holiday Cheer - Decorate the Penny Farthing

Neighbors hang flags to celebrate holidays and their favorite football team. My sister-in-law accessorizes a metal sailboat on the wall above her fireplace. And I decorate the big wheeled bike that hangs in a protected area just outside our front door. In the spring I tuck a plastic flower in the spokes; in fall I placed a fake oak leaf, and for the holidays: tree trimmings with velvet-like red bow. The more I ponder the possibilities the more I realize the penny farthing's potential as a bike lover's wall art dream. With multiple attachment points, I could get carried away: put streamers on the handlebars, weave ribbons in circles, hang an ornament or even lights—what fun!

Does anyone else have a bicycle fixture that gets gussied up throughout the year?


  1. Nice. Yes the simpleness of the penny farthing makes a good base for decorating.


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